Vicente Carrillo Gabriela 1 SÅLD

60 000 kr

Slut i lager


Nylonsträngad klassisk Vicente Carrillo Gabriela 1, handgjord och tillverkad av Vicente Carrillo i Spanien.

Grand concert classical guitar is made with double reinforced sides, with excellent, well balanced sound, bright and sweet trebles and deep basses. This model is outstanding due to its improved power and volume. The sound characteristics will change accordingly depending on the wood used for the top, having German Spruce a brighter tendency than Cedar. The Madagascar Rosewood will add sound and aesthetical characteristics similar to Brazilian Rosewood.

Lenght: 650 mm.
Top: German Spruce or Canadian Cedar
Sides and Back: Double reinforcered sides, inner side Indian Rosewood, outer side Madagascar
Fretboard: Ebony from Cameroon
Neck: Cedar
Purfiling: Indian Rosewood binding top and back
Finish: Natural resen lacquer

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