Gatt Audio Monty-8 Sånganläggning combo batteridriven 3 kanaler + USB-ingång, portabel batteridriven SÅLD

3 500 kr

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portable PA system 8″+1″HF Bluetooth, 8 hours full power, 1x mic, 1x instr, 1x stereo line, USB+SD

The Monty-8 is a perfect combination of employablilty, sound and a solid and compact housing, more than sufficient connection possibilities and portability. It can be used with a supply cable and with a battery (+- 18 hours of battery life).

What can the MONTY-8 be used for?

You can use the MONTY-8 on conferences, schools, for presentations, on a market, on weddings, funerals, a cremation, as a rehearsal amp, karaoke speaker and as a boost for your party or other small scale meetings, whether someone needs to do a speech or sing a song, with out without accompaniment.


A fully charged battery makes sure you’ll be able to use the MONTY-8 for about 18 hours. With the battery indicator you can prevent an empty battery. Of course you can also choose to use the power cable.


The mixing part on the front panel consists of 3 channels with connections for a microphone, line/instrument and for a CD player, mp3 player or any other line device. Tone can be adjusted with a 3-way eq (treble, middle, bass). With the output you can connect the MONTY-8 to other sound equipment or to another MONTY-8.

USB media speaker

MONTY-8 has a USB port and and SD card slot. Soundfiles can be played directly and can be operated from the built-in player. All relevant information about the audio files (title and more) will be displayed very clearly on the display. The media player can also repeat tracks or a complete playlist.


You can use the bluetooth function to connect and play your music wirelessly with your phone.

– power 22 Watt RMS
– 8″ woofer + piëzo tweeter
– bluetooth
– 1x microphone input
– 1x instrument / line input
– USB + SD card player with LCD screen, EQ presets and volume
– extendable handle with 2 weels for easy transport

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