Meinl Woodcraft Professional Makah-Burl

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Meinl Woodcraft Professional CAJON – Frontplate in Makah-Burl.
Built from Baltic birch wood and outfitted with specially wound metal strings that span the inside of the playing surface, MEINL Woodcraft Professional cajons deliver well-defined snare and bass sounds. The birch construction with 12mm thick body allows players to dig in with plenty of attack and a warm tone. Internal fixed metal strings add a crisp and sensitive snare effect that makes it easy to produce deep back beats and articulate finger rolls. The elegant mahogany and makah-burl frontplate finish options add striking aesthetics as well. Rounded corners on the playing surface offer total comfort while maximizing your touch.
Custom micro-coiled steel cajon strings.
Baltic birch construction.
Rounded corners for added comfort.
Rubber feet and rear sound port.
MATERIAL: Makah-Burl
Resonating body: 12-Ply (12 mm) Baltic Birch (Betula pendula).
WIDTH: 11 3/4″, HEIGHT 19 3/4″ DEPTH 12″
COLOR: Makah-Burl

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