Framus Ruby Riot 30w Rörcombo

7 000 kr

I lager


Framus Ruby Riot I 2×12 Combo. Made in Germany. This amp definitely tips its hat to the classic AC30, but takes it to a whole new level with its second drive channel. 30 Class-A watts from a quartet of EL34’s. Comes stock fitted with one Celestion Greenback and one Celestion Vintage 30 creating a huge, full sound.

Channel one has a very nice chime with amazing cleans and can be pushed into a classic British-flavored overdrive. Channel 2 goes from mild gain all the way to tight, heavy modern lead tones and features a master volume allowing you to perfectly dial it in without peeling the paint off the walls.

Onboard spring reverb sounds wonderful and the built-in effects loop is very useful, especially when utilizing the higher gain settings. Top notch German quality and the perfect amp for vintage and modern tones.