EMG-T set svart Instrumentmikrofon Elgitarr

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The EMG T Set is a new take on the classic Telecasters™ pickup. The T Set gives you all the twang and punch you’d expect with incredible clarity and definition with no hum. The bridge pickup (RT) gives players that classic chime without the ‘ice pick’ and a rich low end. When overdriven, this guitar pickup screams with incredible sustain and edge.

The neck pickup (FT) has everything you want from a front single coil: clarity, warmth, and rich harmonic content that is perfectly matched to the back pickup. The T Set uses Alnico magnets with custom engineered coils and windings to give your sound fullness and a broader bandwidth, well beyond your typical Tele pickup. The EMG T Set covers rock, country, blues, fusion, R&B… and with our solderless wiring system, it’s easy to install on your own.

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